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# Ψалліέ Ψаллу
# ℓоса†іол: рέέ јау, маℓауѕіа
# дgέ: ѕέсяέ† :D
# Gέлδέя: ♂
# αѕ†яоℓоgісаℓ ѕіgл: Gέмілі
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# ~ ί міѕѕ уδч, Daяℓїлg ~

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~ tHe LoVe I heLd sO deArLy sLipPeD tHrU mY hAnDs LiKe sAnD, coLd aNd dRy

~ i eNd uP wOnDeRinG wHat iS It aLL aBout. tiMe cAn neveR teLL How dEeP i'Ve pUt mySelF iN. MaYbe it tAke YeaRs, mAyBe dAys, maYbE Only m0mentS tO rEalise...

~ jUsT paSsIng bY,
juSt pAsSinG tHru,
nOt sTayIng loNg,
I alwAyS knEw,
tHis dReam i haVe,
wiLL nEveR laSt.~

~ When the first bird chirped to the first crisp of the dawn,
When the first dew-drop drip,
Like a diamond on the velvet of a flower,
When the eyes were first set on,
One of the world's most B-E-A-U-tiful thing,
When the heart could feel Love,
And beat faster ever since,
You're just the almost perfect partner to me *lol*
You gave me all the sweet dreams,
You gave me all the happiness that my heart can hold and yearn for,
You're my strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow...
SweetHeart, How lucky i felt and how thankful I am,
To have found you,
And I can't tell you how I look forward to all my tomorrow with you,
Our tomorrow that will be filled with love and joy,
For that's how it's meant to be,
For destiny that has already chosen up for us to be together, And made for each other...

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.~Mei Ying~.
.~Chun Siong~.
.~Shi Han~.
.~Junior Kimmy~.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

E-Banking Sux~~~

I used the CIMBClicks to perform a transfer online... the transaction shows successful but end up i never receive anything luh... scare the shyt outta me... took the transaction an hour or so only go thru... online banking's not that safe after all... One incident that happen to my fren when he use maybank2u.com... he received an email which requires him to click on the link and he happen to click it and when he check his balance again... OMG 5k gone... but probably now abit safer ler cos the incident happen like 2years ago...

Somore i'm taking e-commerce this semester *exam falls on Monday unfortuntely*... useless subject with tons of things to remember... not for human subject... This time around i think would be my most "hardworking" semester thruout my whole uni-life... normally before exam 2 days only start... but this time is 2 weeks before start dy... wth cannot even imagine since when i bcome so kuai dy...

Probably just because it'll be the last exam ever in my entire Uni life... I've got 5 subjects to cover which falls on the 14th, 17th, 19th, 22nd and lastly on the 25th and each subject approximately have 10 chapters... and each chapter have average of 20 pages lets say... which means that

20 pages X 10 chapters X 5 subject = 1000 pages

Have been Uno~ing and puzzl~ing wif Calvin too much ler... everytime nudge me play game just because he's bored... he got no exam but i got tons of exam and tons of things to remember... lame life... people exam i also exam but i gaming and slacking more than i study lor... ><"

Currently very very very into this song... Recommended song :D

Beyonce - Listen

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Stupid Ham

Ham... dammit why do you have to post on Krispy Kreme... i wanna eat also... i miss it la... hais...
Every year my cousin will bring back all the way from Melbourne but sadly not for this year... hais... i wan eat!!! *sobs*

Final exam... finalzzz... I think it'll be my last exam in my entire life ba... not so "rajin" to futher my studies somore... a Degree is just fine and enough for me... haha... kinda busy preparing for my finalz now... so there wont be much update until finish my exam.. :P

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dono what to blog!!~

Haha... since i got nothing to do.. i started packing all my shoes... throw the unwanted once... and put all my shoes in the shoe rack properly... finally my shoe is in the proper place... hehe... but when i'm done with all the cleaning and packing... i almost faint... cos all my shoes cant even fit in the shoe rack (minus the one i left in KL plenty somroe.. but i lost count)

After taking my shoes pic... upload everything in pc... mana tau... saw a lot of these pics... thanks to my younger sis... she's just so obsessed with her turtle... -_-

After that i went korek korek my drawer and found this few nice stuff... check it out... :D
Something super old...

This 2 notes super old liao...
This 4 le... i guess a bit old ba.. cos never see b4.. :P

Then today got group meeting for our last presentation in my whole university life... :D it's not like other normal presentation as it's more like a sketch... hehe... but dam funny de... got chance then upload in YouTube.. :D

This is what me and kim lye come out with...

1 beca man and 2 jap couple.. ><" sitting on the so-called trishaw... not complete 1 tho.. This is out secretary... she wants to take pic... camwhore too :)

Dat's Ghery(Gary) as Mr. Magician... hey noob u owe me a pinch...

Then today finally chat lotsy lotsy with Rachel... she's finally the back to the old Rachel i know.. get to keep in touch all the months that we haven't been talking heart-to-heart... :D...
She's like other normal gal... just that when comes to driving she's dam crazy... she only need 3 hours to get to genting from singapore... wtf luh... i almost faint the moment she said that...
Jusr like me.. don like wear seat belt... -.-" hehe...

Okaes... today i think i've more than enough post ler... I'm off to watch "Guess Guess Guess"
I need to luff my lunges off ... Laughter is the Best Medicine... hehe... chaoz!!~

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Thursday, April 26, 2007


quoted from ham's blog :-
。。。unless of course if your father owns a pharmacy (Eng Kiat), or if your father is a supplier for fisheries (Teng Guan), or perhaps your dad sells cars (Wei Pinn), or if your father owns lots of property like shops (Mok) or if you're just some regular gurl who is nvr short of money (Yannie)!

Yes ham。。。 all u say about others are true。。。 but the last word it's not suppose to my なまえ。。。
Indeed i'm a regular gurl but a gurl who is always short of money。。。 money is never enuff。。。hais。。。 EDIT EDIT。。。 remove my name plzzz.... :(

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

2nd Lesson

Wooohoo... 2nd jap class definitely is tough... dunno what's the jap guy is talking... his accent is already so kaoz... somore talk a lot in jap and teach us how to write in katakana カタカナ and hiragana ひらがな。。。 omg... i got 100 sounds and words i need to remember... not including kanji le... how sia...

Dam lazy wanna update le... Shi Han kpkb liao... have to pen/keyboard *LoL* something down dy la... but i dunno wad to update also lei... life has been dam bored lately... nothing other than going to class then come home... eh... last weekend went out with my long time
好姐妹... chit chat... updating each other with our own lives... haven't really meet up... and i think the last outing is around 2005... its so hard to really meet up... it's either I'm busy o they are busy... somore all of us at different location.. north, south, east and west of Malaysia...

History do repeat... look at the Virginia Tech University and then look back at what happen at Columbine High School Massacre... that's really scary... people all over the world can go cuckoo all the time... look into Columbine High School there is this gal Rachel Joy Scott... there is plenty of her testimonial *very touching*... and what things she said before she was killed... people can be so evil and inhuman... Guess that's da kinda life in this era... war... killings... and so...
So always live life to the fullest....

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